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Sumie Kaneko & Toru Dodo Duo Live Concert

Sumie Kaneko & Toru Dodo Duo
– Sumie Kaneko (shamisen, vocal)
– Toru Dodo (piano)
Date: Thursday, August 11, 2016
Time: 9:00pm / 10:30pm (2 sets)
Venue: Tomi Jazz
Address: 239 East 53rd Street, Lower Level, New York, NY 10022 (Between 2nd-3rd Avenue)
Phone: 646-497-1254
Admission: No cover / $5 minimum on food or drink

Biography – Kaneko Sumie;
Japanese Koto & Shamisen Player, Singer […]

The Legend of Oni for Fringe Festival

“OZmate,” based in Takarazuka, Japan, is the all-female musical theatrical company and the only performance group from Japan at the New York International Fringe Festival this year. OZmate performs its original musical, “The Legend of Oni.”

Theme of this play is about the conscience in our lives. Oni is an Ogre from Japanese Mythology known as […]

Dario Boente & Company Live [06/26]

[Title] Dario Boente & Company Live
[Artist] Dario Boente (piano, keyboards)
[Members] Mauricio Zottarelli (drums), Boris Kozlov (bass)
[Date] Sunday, June 26, 2016
[Show] 7:30PM
[Venue] Club Bonafide
[Address] 212 East 52nd Street, New York NY 10022
[Phone] 646-918-6189
[Admission] $15
[Bio] The term “crossover artist” can mean many things. In the case of Argentine pianist and composer Dario Boente, it […]

湯川潮音ニューヨーク・ソロコンサート [06/11]

【タイトル】 湯川潮音 ニューヨーク・ソロコンサート
【会場】Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
【住所】185 Orchard St, New York NY 10002
【問合】Mar Creation, Inc.


【湯川潮音】1983年東京出身。小学校時代より東京少年少女合唱隊に在籍、多くの海外公演などを経験。2001年ポップフィールドではじめて披露された歌声が 多くの話題を呼ぶ。翌年のアイルランド短期留学から帰国後、自作の曲も発表し本格的な音楽活動をスタート。以降、美しいことばの響きを大切にした歌詞、クラシックやトラディショナルを起点に置いた独自の世界観で音楽を紡ぎ続けている。

– 湯川潮音:

Shione Yukawa Solo Concert in Manhattan NYC [06/11]

[Title] Shione Yukawa Solo Concert in Manhattan NYC
[Artists] Shione Yukawa (vocal, guitar)
[Date] Saturday, June 11, 2016
[Show] 8:30PM
[Venue] Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
[Address] 185 Orchard St, New York NY 10002
[Phone] 212-477-4155
[Admission] $10
[Age] 21+ Photo ID required
[Description] A NY-based Japanese singer songwriter, Shione Yukawa, returns to Manhattan. NYC. Her crystal voice and beautiful lyrical […]

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