Agata Morio Motion Picture Show – Looking for Sato Keiko – [09/29]

Agata Morio Motion Picture Show – Looking for Sato Keiko –

A Japanese singer songwriter, Agata Morio, who debuted “Sekishoku Elegy” in 1972, embarked on a documentary film entitled “Looking for Sato Keiko” in 2017. The film is about his elementary class teacher, Sato Keiko, who greatly influenced Agata on his creative and imaginative soul. After 47 years of his music career, Agata is still exploring the world through music and his heart seems looking for his teacher, Sato Keiko, who passed away in 2000.

In this show, Agata Morio appears as a guest and talks about his life, music, New York and Sato Keiko to DJ acted by Jun Suenaga. Agata will perform his original songs with music guests and show a part of his documentary film, “Looking for Sato Keiko.”

[Title] Agata Morio Motion Picture Show – Looking for Sato Keiko –
[Performers/Cast] Agata Morio (vocal, guitar), Jun Suenaga (host), Dave Shuford (bass, mandolin), Avery Brooks (synthesizers), Keith Connolly (acoustic/electric guitars, Takaaki Ando (acoustic guitar)
[Date] Sunday, September 29, 2019
[1st] Open 2:30PM / Show 3:00PM
[2nd] Open 6:30PM / Show 7:00PM
[Venue] Producers Club, The Grand theater (3rd Fl.)
[Address] 358 W 44th St, New York, NY, 10036
[Phone] 212-315-4743
– General: $20 (advance) / $25 (door)
– Students: $15 (advance) / $20 (door)
– VIP: $50(limited 5 tickets for each show)

Agata Morio, born in Hokkaido, Japan on Septebmer 12, 1948, is a Japanese folk singer-songwriter who debuted with a hit song, “Sekishoku Elegy (Red Elegy)” in 1972 and became a national star. Agata continues to create original songs such as “Hoshizaora Cycling,” the ending theme of “Urusei Yatsura” (1982), “Haru-no-Arashi-no-Magician” (1985), “Itoshi no DaiRokuWakusei” (1985), “El Jaguar del Bandoneon”(1987), “Sato Keiko Sensei wa Zankokuna na Hito Desukedo” (2001) and etc. Agata directed and starred in three films premiered at theaters. He is also an author. Since 2011, Agata has been releasing an original album every year for 10 years in the theme of “Rock in 2010’s.” He recorded in New York and Japan in 2019 and appeared at the events hosted by Blank Forms and Mmuseumm.

Jun Suenaga – Jun produced and starred in a short film “Master Yoshi’s Terrible Day that is currently in film festival circuit. Originally from Japan, he started acting in Tokyo before he move to NYC where many of actors he was fascinated to trained. He has been co-directing video interviews for the Oral History of Japanese Americans in NY since 2015. His other film credits including The Love Machine directed by Gordon Eriksen, Off Jackson Avenue directed by John-Luke Montias. He will be appearing next in Mr. Montias’ Mother’s Day in late October.

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Production Team: Takaaki Ando (JOA Production NY), Hiroshi Kono (Mar Creation), Sanae Ohno, Jun Suenaga


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