NYC-based Japanese singer songwriter, Rucosea, released the 1st single, “Butterflies” on August 10, 2021

A NYC-based singer songwriter, Rucosea, released her new single, “Butterflies,” from Mar Creation Records on August 10, 2021.

ruco artwork butterflies

Rucosea 2021

Music video: Butterflies by Rucosea

Written by Ruco, Jonathan Fritz, Benjamin Corson
Co-produced with Jonathan Fritz
Mixed by Andrew Yanchyshyn
Vocals: Rucosea
Guitar: Jonathan Fritz
Guitar: Benjamin Corson
Bass: Nick Valente
Drums: Peter Traunmueller
Directed by: Joseph Patrick Conroy
Starring: Kana Conroy, Rucosea, and Nick Valente
Special thanks to Hiroshi Kono at Mar Creation Records

Rucosea, a native of Sapporo Japan, is a NYC-based singer songwriter. She also plays percussions and drums. Her soul for music is all about how she feels through it. Delivering energy for the stage with words and music. Rucosea performs and produces pop, ambient, funk, R&B progressive rock, experimental music etc, and collaborates with many great singers and musicians around the world. She has released her debut single, “Butterflies,” from Mar Creation Records on August 10th, 2021.

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