Rucosea returns to Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 [06/26]

[Title] Rucosea Live at Rockwood Music Hall [06/26]
[Artist] Rucosea
[Members] Rucosea (vocal), Benjamin Coroson (guitar), Nick Valente (bass), Kenny Grohowski (drums), Jonathan Fritz (guitar)
[Date] Sunday, June 26, 2022
[Show] 6:00pm (45 mins)
[Venue] Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1
[Address] 196 Allen St, New York NY 10002
[Phone] 212-477-4155
[Admission] Free (suggested donation: $10)
[Age] 21+ Photo ID required

[Bio] Rucosea is a New York performance artist, born in sapporo, Japan. She sings and play percussion and drum. Her soul for music is all about how she feels through it. Delivering energy for the stage with word, music. she also perform and produce and collaborate some pop, ambient, funk, R&B progressive rock, experimental music etc) with lots great singer and musicians from Japan, New York and all over the world.

– Facebook: @rucosmic
– Instagram: @rucosmic
– Twitter: @Rucosea1


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