New York Japan CineFest – Library Series Vol. 1

Sunday, October 7, 2012, 14:00-15:00
at Harrison Public Library (2 Bruce Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528)

Admission: Free
Inquiry: / 917-400-9362
Facebook event page

Dir. Kosuke Furukawa. 2007. 15 min.
In this moving short film, Japanese director Kosuke Furukawa gently explores the difficult divide between radically different cultures. Struggling to develop an original routine that will keep him from being cut from the cast of a prestigious production, isolated Brooklyn tap dancer Williams is blindsided on his way home by attackers in the park. But he’s rescued by an unlikely stranger–a hermetic Takuhatsu-Bou monk who meditates nearby. When Williams returns to the park, mystified but eager to offer thanks, the awkwardness of their unusual bond becomes apparent. And with no routine and just days before the audition that will make or break him, he may be the only one Williams can turn to…

Dir. Kosuke Furukawa. 2009. 22 min.
A Brooklyn diner waitress comes across two mysterious customers: a distressed young artist who struggles with a drawing of a Uguisu, a Japanese songbird, and an enigmatic Japanese old man who seems to hold the key to the secrets of the universe.
Best Short Film, Best Cinematography, International Film Festival Manhattan


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