Marion LoGuidice on YomiTime (English Translation)

I wonder whether you have ever heard the name Marion LoGuidice. You can quickly guess that she is a well-established person if you learn the facts– a duet recorded with Cyndi Lauper; 60,000 likes on her Facebook fan page; the 8 consecutive sold-out shows in New York City. However, Marion’s start as a singer-songwriter was fairly late.

She was 40 years old when she began her musical career, unable to play music instruments and without academic music education. One night, as she watched TV, she couldn’t take her eyes off an old lady who did a self-cover. Marion suddenly made up her mind to write a song after seeing this elderly woman, who was profoundly singing a well-known pop song featured on a soap opera.

In the next morning, she purchased music gear, called “Q-Chord,” with which anyone can easily play chords, and eagerly wrote a song. It was the birth of her first original song. After, melodies and lyrics flowed out of her one after another and, before she knew it, there was a pile of songs. “I broke out after 40 years of silence. Everything in my life and feelings came out in melodies and words, and it never stopped.”

Although she wrote songs on her own, she was unsure whether they were good or bad, so she called Larry Saltzman– known as a guitarist of Simon and Garfunkel– through a friend of his to ask his opinion. She never expected him to return her call, but that was the right move because Larry, impressed by her talent, has been and still is her important partner now.

Marion was determined to make an album, as Larry strongly recommended, yet it was not easy for her to make time for music and save money for the recording while working full-time and taking care of her small daughter. “I wrote the lyrics in the checkout line at the supermarket, in the bathroom after midnight when the baby was asleep and quiet. I always had a pencil and paper, no matter where I went,” said Marion. She stayed creative non-stop and finally completed her debut album, “Mother Wheel” in 2003.

Marion is a late bloomer in the music world. “If I did the same thing at 20 years old, I believe that the result would have been different from now. I had no self-esteem and couldn’t endure the criticism when I was young but, at 40, I was so tuned in, with ample experience in life.” People might think she is “lucky” but these numerous accomplishments were the results of decisions she made and actions she took with wisdom from 40 years of life.

Even though her debut album was successfully released, her very first show was a “horrible” experience. Marion says, “I had my eyes closed, with my hat on, and couldn’t see the audience because I was so afraid.”

Yet there was a person who was moved by her voice and songs in the audience. That person was Cyndi Lauper. Since then, they have become very close, like sisters, and recorded a duet song, “Mary” in 2009. With her passionate voice and singing, she proved a great singer, as strong as the legendary Cyndi. Then last year, she released her third album – a collection of musical gems – “Tales From the Topside World.”

Marion, who had heard from Cyndi Lauper- who was actually touring in Japan at that time- what the Great East Japan Earthquake had caused, thinks about Japan with all her heart and wants to send a message to Japanese people: “It broke my heart. I felt like I wanted to caress Japan. That’s why I want Japanese people to see my show, to be encouraged.”

As a storyteller, Marion LoGuidice, infuses life into her words and weaves a story in melody. Experience her solid and soulful live performances.

Artist: Marion LoGuidice
Date/Time: Saturday, January 26, 2013
Venue: Joe’s Pub

Translation of the article on the January 11th issue on YomiTime
Writer/Interviewer/Translator: Hiroshi Kono

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