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Bentenya First U.S. Tour [10/02-10/26]

All female Japanese Chindon-ya called “Bentenya” from Nagoya, Japan, will be making an U.S. debut and tour across the country; New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Los Angeles and more, starting at Japanese Children’s Society “New York Ikkuei Gakuen” in Englewood Cliffs, … Continue reading

TAEKO’s New Album “Contemplation” Release Concert at Birdland [10/10]

[Title] TAEKO’s New Album “Contemplation” Release Concert at Birdland [10/10] [Artist] TAEKO [Members] TAEKO – vocal / Theo Hill – piano / Alex Blake – bass / Victor Jones – drums [Date] Thursday, October 10, 2019 [Time] 5:00pm (Open) / … Continue reading

Yuka Mito Latin Jazz Night at Rockwood Music Hall [10/11]

[Title] Yuka Mito Latin Jazz Night [10/11] [Members] Yuka Mito (vocal), Allen Farnham (piano), Haruna Fukazawa (flute), Freddie Bryant (guitar) [Date] Friday, October 11, 2019 [Doors] 6:45pm [Show] 7:00pm [Venue:] Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 [Address] 185 Orchard Street, New … Continue reading

津軽三味線 ワークショップ in NYC

[イベント] 津軽三味線 ワークショップ in NYC [09/28-29] [講師] 小山貢山(獅子道所属) [1日目] 2019年9月28日(土) 2:00pm-6:00pm ・楽器の構え方/撥の打ち方/楽譜の読み方/中間発表 [2日目] 2019年9月29日(日) 1:30pm-6:30pm ・1日目の復習/高等テクニックの紹介/生徒発表/講師陣によるリサイタル [会場] レゾボックス・イーストヴィレッジ [住所] 91 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10003 [申込/問合] [受講料] 1日$60、2日$100(楽器持参の場合$20割引) [その他] リサイタルのみ $20 [詳細] 津軽三味線最大流派小山流の師範 小山貢山が主催するワークショップ。楽器未経験から2日で簡単なじょんがら 節の演奏を目指す。楽器の貸し出しあり。 [講師紹介] 小山貢山(おやまこうざん)津軽三味線最大流派・小山流師範津軽三味線世界大会二連覇グループ獅子道主宰。アシスタント・小山山葵・土屋浩美 [ウェブサイト] … Continue reading

Tsugaru Shamisen Workshop in NYC [09/28-29]

[Title] Tsugaru Shamisen Workshop in NYC [09/28-29] [Instructor] Kouzan Oyama (Shishido) [Day 1] Saturday, September 28, 2:00pm-6:00pm ・How to hold a instrument / Reading sheet music / How to play a shamisen / Intermediate recital [Day 2] Sunday, September 29, … Continue reading