What is Mar Creation?

Mar Creation is a full-service, one-stop resource for all of your creative needs.

Are you an engaged couple looking for the perfect videographer/photographer for your wedding? Maybe you are a company looking to shoot a commercial or produce visual content - like a website or flyers - for your business? Or perhaps you're a musician looking for that perfect partnership to provide distribution, promotional and artistic services?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place! With our staff of experienced specialists, and our strong Greater New York City area network of connections, Mar Creation is the answer to all of your creative needs. We work directly with each client to develop a common vision, and every project - whether large or small - receives our full creative attention.

Please feel free to take a look at our samples of work. We believe our work speaks for itself. Contact us today for more information!



Bentenya First U.S. Tour [10/02-10/26]

All female Japanese Chindon-ya called “Bentenya” from Nagoya, Japan, will be making an U.S. debut and tour across the country; New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Los Angeles and more, starting at Japanese Children’s Society “New York Ikkuei Gakuen” in Englewood Cliffs, … Continue reading

TAEKO’s New Album “Contemplation” Release Concert at Birdland [10/10]

[Title] TAEKO’s New Album “Contemplation” Release Concert at Birdland [10/10] [Artist] TAEKO [Members] TAEKO – vocal / Theo Hill – piano / Alex Blake – bass / Victor Jones – drums [Date] Thursday, October 10, 2019 [Time] 5:00pm (Open) / … Continue reading

Yuka Mito Latin Jazz Night at Rockwood Music Hall [10/11]

[Title] Yuka Mito Latin Jazz Night [10/11] [Members] Yuka Mito (vocal), Allen Farnham (piano), Haruna Fukazawa (flute), Freddie Bryant (guitar) [Date] Friday, October 11, 2019 [Doors] 6:45pm [Show] 7:00pm [Venue:] Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 [Address] 185 Orchard Street, New … Continue reading

津軽三味線 ワークショップ in NYC

[イベント] 津軽三味線 ワークショップ in NYC [09/28-29] [講師] 小山貢山(獅子道所属) [1日目] 2019年9月28日(土) 2:00pm-6:00pm ・楽器の構え方/撥の打ち方/楽譜の読み方/中間発表 [2日目] 2019年9月29日(日) 1:30pm-6:30pm ・1日目の復習/高等テクニックの紹介/生徒発表/講師陣によるリサイタル [会場] レゾボックス・イーストヴィレッジ [住所] 91 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10003 [申込/問合] info@shamimaster.com [受講料] 1日$60、2日$100(楽器持参の場合$20割引) [その他] リサイタルのみ $20 [詳細] 津軽三味線最大流派小山流の師範 小山貢山が主催するワークショップ。楽器未経験から2日で簡単なじょんがら 節の演奏を目指す。楽器の貸し出しあり。 [講師紹介] 小山貢山(おやまこうざん)津軽三味線最大流派・小山流師範津軽三味線世界大会二連覇グループ獅子道主宰。アシスタント・小山山葵・土屋浩美 [ウェブサイト] … Continue reading

Tsugaru Shamisen Workshop in NYC [09/28-29]

[Title] Tsugaru Shamisen Workshop in NYC [09/28-29] [Instructor] Kouzan Oyama (Shishido) [Day 1] Saturday, September 28, 2:00pm-6:00pm ・How to hold a instrument / Reading sheet music / How to play a shamisen / Intermediate recital [Day 2] Sunday, September 29, … Continue reading

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        Music Videos
  • Commercials, Promotional Videos
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        Event Promotion
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        Consistent Branding
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  • Composition
  • Network of Established,
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