Megumi Habuka reveals talent in her upcoming new EP.

A New York-based vocalist, composer and arranger, Megumi Habuka, is currently recording her new EP with the producer, Rie Tsuji, also known as a Beyonce’s keyboard player. One of her four original tracks, entitled “Call Unable to Reach,” features the trumpet player who won a Grammy award with the band, Snarky Puppy.

“Call Unable to Reach” begins with the strong rhythmic theme played by the instruments in tandem, followed by a beautiful melody sung in unison by Jay Jinning’s trumpet and Magum’s suave voice. One of the highlights is the Jay’s powerful solo in the middle of the song and the tune reaches the climax with the main theme. It’s a refreshing new sound.

– Music and Vocal by Megumi Habuka
– Jay Jennings – Trumpet
– Rie Tsuji – Keys
– Simon C.F. Yu – Gutar
– Rozhan Razman – Bass
– Devin Collins – Drums

Recorded at Riro Muzik Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Rozhan Razman

Acclaimed New York-based jazz vocalist, composer and arranger Megumi Habuka’s outstanding abilities as a soloist and improviser have led her to become an in-demand vocalist on the East Coast and in Japan.

Born in Saitama, Japan into an artist family, Megumi began studying vocal and piano as a young child, giving her first performance when she was 5 years old. Since her older brother was familiar with Jazz and UK Rock, there were many records such as Beatles, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Nina Simone at her home; it was natural for her to sing those songs at the early age. However, she was interested in becoming an architect since her father is a world-famous architect; at age 18 she enlisted in an architecture school in Japan.

In her early years as a student, Megumi visited New York, discovered Jazz and was impressed by the real music scene in New York City. That experience inspired her to become a professional musician. Soon after returning to Japan, Megumi started to work at a Jazz Club in Tokyo, quickly became noticed and began performing with famous musicians such as Katsumi Tani, Kenji Kousei, and Nobuo Fujii every weekend; during this time she learned Jazz theory, idioms, and skills.

Her passion for jazz music brought her back to the US – Megumi decided to enter Berklee College of Music in 2007. During this time she studied and performed with famous musicians such as Walter Beasley, Dennis Montgomery III, Richard Smallwood, Anne Peckham, and Diane Richardson. After graduating Berklee in 2011, Megumi moved to New York, continued performing and began working on her first EP entitled ”Perfect” which will be released in September 2012.

Soon after released her first EP, Megumi started to make second EP which will be released in Winter, 2015. Megumi invited world well-known artist, Rie Tsuji who is working as a keyboardist/assistant music director of Beyonce as her producer/pianist, and Jay Jennings who is a member of Grammy Winning Band, Snarky Puppy as a lead trumpet.

Ms. Habuka is an active performer whose roster includes top music venues in New York City such as Tomi Jazz, Shrine Harlem, Silvana, Whynot Jazz Room, and ShapeShifter Lab. Currently she is working on the promotion of her EP, which will entail national and international touring in collaboration with several renowned New York City artists, including Rie Tsuji, Rozhan Razman, and Yuto Kanazawa.

Megumi Habuka“Call Unable to Reach”

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